is a mechanic's daughter.

hi i'm gabi. i like to draw stuff.

you all can have griffith, guts, or serpico…

my heart belongs to Laban. <3

PS…i just noticed around these chapters — it seems like all the girls in the party are inlove with guts (except caska, because somehow i’m not sure she’ll love guts when she wakes up…she might go back to griffith…foreshadowing — who knows *n*) ??? but then again…if i was in their party i think by instinct it’s guts that’s really the first option. lol. teenagers.

PS. WOW. talk about self-restraint.

#laban  #berserk  #raban  
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    YOU ARE AN ANGEL. *reaches with trembling hands*
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    THAT LABAN TAG WOULD BE PERFECT! No photoshop skils…Sai skills, and they are not very good But you deserved for me try...
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